Chateau Corbin - AOC Montagne Saint Emilion

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Le CHATEAU CORBIN is located on the Montagne St-Emilion appellation, two kilometers from the town of Montagne and 4 km from Saint-Emilion.

In one piece, spread over 23 hectares, the vineyards surrounding this ancient Lordship built in 1606.

Near CHATEAU CORBIN, CHATEAU GRAND MOULIN MACQUIN and CLOS ALBERTUS enjoy an outstanding location on clay-limestone slopes of the smallest denomination of Libourne - ST-GEORGES - at the gates of the medieval city of ST EMILION.

The wines are made from a blend of three grapes:

- The Merlot for the roundness and fruitiness

- The Cabernet Franc for the elegance and finesse

- The Cabernet Sauvignon for its aromatic potential and long finish

Our wines reflect the true harmony between terroirs and grape varieties, enhanced by the work of man.

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